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Update: the Call for Evidence is now closed. Thank you to everyone who has come forward to share their experiences with the Whyte Review. The Review will now carefully consider all of the information it has received and request further information from individuals and organisations where necessary. In the meantime, please direct any questions to

An update on the next phase of the Whyte Review

About the Whyte Review

In July 2020 a significant number of gymnasts, and parents of gymnasts, made allegations about mistreatment within the sport of gymnastics. A number of the concerns alleged that British Gymnastics had failed to deal appropriately with complaints it had received. In response to these issues being raised, UK Sport and Sport England ('the Commissioning Organisations') have appointed Anne Whyte QC ('the Reviewer') to undertake an independent review ('The Whyte Review') into the issues that have been raised.

The Terms of Reference for the Whyte Review are available here. The Whyte Review has issued a Call for Evidence which is available here.

At the conclusion of the Whyte Review, a final written report will be produced and provided to the Commissioning Organisations. The Commissioning Organisations will publish the Report on this website, subject to any relevant legal considerations. The Commissioning Organisations shall consider carefully the recommendations made by the Reviewer and determine the manner in which any recommendations to be taken forward will be implemented by British Gymnastics.